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The Cat Repair Book

I was excited by the title. I was hoping someone could fix my cat’s pathetic attempt to paint herself as a starving waif when her food dish is steps away and 2/3’s full.  Unfortunately, this type of repair is not possible. This is a DIY vet manual for regular folks. This book covers everything to administering meds, first aid, breeding, breeding, and common health issues. It might a bit much for the average pet owner, but it is more comprehensive that a lot of cat care books that I have seen. It actually is a good choice for a public library collection although pub date is a bit too old for my comfort.


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  1. I’m guessing page 115 showed how to give a cat a pill without being permanently disfigured. If so, this is still valuable information!

  2. When I had to give my cat medicine back in September I would “accidentally” spill some on his fur so that he would instinctively lick it off.

  3. I don’t personally like how information is dumped into a big, somewhat general paragraphs. I think it would be better if it was more step by step, had examples demonstrations of what to do (even if they were drawings), and gave out information in list formats when possible. But I’m sure it was good for its time, despite the title sounding like a how-to guide to spaying and neutering.

  4. Like medical texts for humans, veterinary texts should be updated every five years (unless important new info comes out sooner). I think this was a good choice for 2001, but libraries should look for a new edition. Step-by-step instructions would be a good addition.

  5. Wait, I want to know more about the 1-year guarantee! Will they replace your cat if you can’t fix it?

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