Fix It or Forget It?

Men in Groups coverMen in groups

Submitter: Today’s submission is one of the worse condition books I have ever seen on a shelf. I know budgets are stretched thin, but there seems little reason to put so much effort in to this paperback. First the offending branch library glued cardboard to the covers. Then they used bookbinding, electrical, and scotch tape to adhere the covers back on. All for this book???

Holly: Seriously? If it takes more time and materials to fix something than the book is worth, perhaps we should pause before fixing it. Please empower your book repair staff to question you before they just go ahead and fix your books. If this book is worth keeping, then REPLACE IT. Get a new one. (Or take advantage of Google Books.) It very well may be worth replacing in a university library, since Lionel Tiger is an important man in the field of anthropology, but probably not in a public library branch. The Submitter’s branch library can probably let it go completely.

Men in Groups back cover

Men in Groups broken binding

Men in Groups contents



  1. I read a Lionel Tiger book for one of my anthropology courses in the early 1990s. The book was from the university library and several of the books were in this kind of condition, which was pretty much the norm for universities back then. I can’t see this book being of much use in a public library, though, especially as it’s so outdated.

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