Five Little Peppers

Five Little PeppersFive Little Peppers and How They Grew

Submitter: The cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life is the hand typed replacement page in this 1962 edition of Five Little Peppers.

Holly: Cute! But definitely weed-worthy for condition. Looks like it could have been typed on my Grandma’s typewriter in 1962.

Five Little Peppers cover

Note: I’m not entirely sure this is the cover of the 1962 edition. A cover was not submitted. This seems to be from the 1960’s era, though.


  1. This brings back such fond memories of my Depression era grandparents and their thrifty (and often quite skilled) fixes! I understand that some collectors deliberately seek out home-repaired items, and I can definitely see the appeal.

  2. I have that book (in a newer edition with no hand-typed pages) checked out to myself right now.

  3. That cover certainly isn’t going to be appealing to today’s kids. They’ll think it has grandma cooties.

    The replacement page is adorable, though.

  4. NO! Put this in your special collections if possible, but under no circumstances should you discard this book. I once had a book that had a dog-ear page that had torn off, and someone had actually sewn it back on. I wish I still had that book.

    1. That might make a neat display. I don’t know how many people today would think of repairing books instead of just replacing them. The younger generation might be fascinated and inspired to see all the ways books have been saved over the years.

  5. My father once told me a story of the opposite: their school district grew so outrageously fast that they built a new building and had people donate books for the library. He read an original “Tom Swift” book up to where the last 5 or so pages were missing. He was still displeased with it so many years later, though not obsessively.

  6. I once owned that Companion Library edition of The Five Little Pepers. It was certainly not meant for anything but home use. The fact that it is still somewhat intact is impressive.

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