Fitness Fun for Kids

Lots and Lots of Fitness Fun for KidsLet’s Go Out and Play!
Lots & Lots of Fitness Fun for Kids

Submitter: From a small Midwest public library collection. We’re trying to keep up with the weeding, now that we’re back in the building for the first time in 2+ months. This DVD showed up on the “hasn’t been circ’d in 3 years or more” list. Maybe it’s just me, but couldn’t the graphic designer find a better image than the middle toddler on the cover? That child looks like s/he’s not happy at all to be outside playing, and is 1.5 seconds away from throwing a tantrum. It will shortly be removed from our collection.

Holly: That kid is definitely plotting something. What’s confusing about this to me is that the title, font, and general concept of the DVD seems like it would be for older kids. The toddlers on the cover make me question if this is for kids of all ages, or just little ones. Also, is fitness something parents worry about with toddlers? Sure, we need to pry big kids away from the video games and teach them healthy lifestyles and encourage play. But the kids on the cover are, like, two, and Danger Child is maybe a year old. Do you need a DVD to keep toddlers active?


  1. Maybe during the pandemic, you’d need a DVD to keep kids active. After all, they will be on lockdown indefinitely.

  2. The Amazon description says it is for kids 1-5. My guess it is really for their couch-potato parents, to remind them to take the kids to the park once in a while.

  3. Isn’t the whole point of dvd’s to keep toddlers inactive for a few precious minutes while Mommy or Daddy silently screams in the shower?

  4. Danger Child is clearly trying to win big on “America’s Funniest Home Videos” by flinging those balls right into Dad’s crotch when the tantrum starts.

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