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Not My Daughter coverNot My Daughter: Facing Up to Adolescent Pregnancy

Submitter: Here is some advice straight from 1979 on how to handle a teenage pregnancy. The book itself relies on the 1979 resources that are in the back of the book. I am sure most of that info is no longer current.

Holly: This was published about six years after Roe v. Wade, so it was probably a pretty good choice back then. As a general idea for a teen pregnancy book, it’s pretty good. It just needs an update that reflects the last 36 years.

Not my daughter contents

Building Healthy Sexuality in the Home

Behind the Male Myth

It Happened: Decisions, Decisions

The abortion option

Innovative Programs Tailored to Teens


Resource Guide


    1. The numbers add up to 92, at least the ones I can read. They didn’t seem to answer the pregnancy question. Perhaps the 50 came from another reader?

  1. Just think, if the teenager’s children followed in the family footsteps and also got pregnant as a teen, they might be great-grandparents by now!

  2. The first book looks excellent for it’s time, but it came out when I was one, and I’m now on the slide to forty.

    1. Yes, the quiz questions are actually all still relevant, though the age ranges would be different. I like that the quiz doesn’t try to imply you have to be a Christian or believe in traditional marriage to have a successful marriage, just that you have to have similar views.

  3. The 16 year old married to the 23 year old divorced guy and having 2 kids by the age of 21 is supposed to be a success story??? Did she finish school? What happens if he dies? How immature is a guy who was already married once to be dating teenagers in his 20s and how does that reflect how parenting works??

    1. Exactly. I suspect that poor woman is now long divorced, and probably had a very rough decade or two.

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