Finger Frolics

Finger Frolics coverFinger Frolics: Fingerplays for Young Children

Submitter: [This] title caught my eye on a list of books that have not circulated in 10+ years. Funny title aside, if there is one thing I know about children’s books, it’s that young’uns don’t take kindly to incorrect depictions of dinosaurs. Trust me!

Holly: Points for diverse characters on the cover. Otherwise, this is full of words and phrases kids don’t generally understand or use (what does “nick, nick, nick new” even mean?? See last image below.) The images are boring too. The fingerplays themselves might not be too bad for seasoned performers, but I’m not sure they’re great choices for “young children” as the title implies.

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  1. Awful, just awful. I can’t see even getting through the first line of “Ten Circus Wagons” before the kids dissolve into snickers. And what is even the point?

  2. Oh!!! Lordy-lauds. Forgive my old lady brain, but frolicking fingers does NOT register as “childs’ play!”

  3. This was way too old-fashioned even for 1983. Was it a reprint of a 50’s or 40’s book, with updated “art”?

    I cannot imagine a child of the last half-century being interested in this.

    Not only are those bad dinosaur illustrations, which every kid would disapprove of, but they weren’t “when life on Earth began”. You’re a few billion years off, there. And pteranodons probably had small feathers.

  4. The cover may be diverse, but why is one of the kids grey? They must be a zombie! I’m sorry, but we have to draw the line somewhere. We just can’t run the risk of playing finger games with reanimated dead bodies that could feast on our brains at second. 🙂

  5. Is the author maybe British? “Noggin” makes it sound like it, and maybe that explains the “nick new” prhase.

  6. That title of the play, “Hand on Myself,” made me think of that old Divinyls song.

  7. Jeepers, you’re right, that dino info is a mess. Pteranodons weren’t even dinosaurs. Dreadful verses that don’t scan.

  8. I know the word noggin meaning head but I was raised by old people. And I’m old myself. Here’s hoping Holly will share all the clown pictures with Mary!!!

  9. Yipes! And this was a “Revised” edition. What must the old one have been like? This is an old song that probably had several versions. The one I learned said, “Dicky, dicky dew” instead of “Nick, nick, new.” It was basically one of those lines of nonsense words to fill in a space in a song.

  10. Ummm… even leaving aside ‘Hand On Myself’, which as somebody else pointed out, does sound somewhat dirty, I can’t imagine any child older than 2 being interested in something like this, these days.
    Why would they be when they can watch / play with their iPads instead? (And yes, I have seen kids as young as 2 or 3 with iPads.)

  11. I may be cluing you as to my age, but I too remember people saying “noggin”

  12. This could be used for one of those “react” videos that turn up on youtube, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have fun with. The dinosaur looks pornographic, so put that on a different video sharing website.

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