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Finding Mr. Right coverFinding Mr. Right

I know some of you have been missing our expert on the ladies, Don Diebel. Long time ALB folks will remember his wonderful advice for meeting women. I know everyone appreciated his stalker tactics and cheesy pick up lines.

This time Don has advice for the ladies! You can find those high quality men by hanging out in hotels, clubs, supermarkets, and human potential groups. He also talks about drugs. No, he doesn’t endorse them, but if they help you loosen up, what’s the harm?

Take a peek at some of this wonderful inside scoop into the mind of those “available” men. You will be happy to know that men helpfully gave Don exclusive interviews to let those ladies know what men don’t like.

I know all of you single ladies will run, not walk, to the library to get a hold of some of this stellar advice.

Glad I am not single,


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Hotels, motels, supermarket

personal ads

interviews with single men


  1. “Only driven once a week by a little old lady to/from church” (pg. 73) – It’s the Little Old Lady from Pasadena, that’s what!

  2. I can’t help but wonder whether the author interviewed himself–see Don D.’s comment. Also, I don’t think anyone at any point in time thought that renting a hotel room in hopes of casual sex was a path to finding “Mr. Right”.!

  3. I can’t imagine how those guys are still single! I mean, they are just asking for a perfect woman who totally doesn’t in any way shape or career level. That’s like me saying I am looking for a man who: works but not too much, and is constantly available to my every whim and pays for everything, but respects my desires and pays for my things, but allows me to have my own money and career, but doesn’t resent my career. Also he must be 6foot 5, blues strong as an ox, healthy and a great cook

  4. Hang around strange motels in your bathing suit? Yeah, if you’ve always wanted to be the subject of an Ann Rule book.

  5. This book reads more like it’s from 1975, not 1990. Advocating casual sex in the era of HIV/AIDS? Personal ads that mention disco?

    I also love the guys who say they’re turned off by “ugly women.” Since there is no universally accepted standard for ugliness, that’s about the most unhelpful statement imaginable.

    1. What’s wrong with that? I’ll agree that you need to use protection, but it’s not tota

  6. Why bother wearing a bathing suit? Just show up naked and get what you’re looking for!

  7. Isn’t everyone turned off by ugly people? “Ugly”, of course, being completely subjective. It’s like saying you don’t like annoying people. I agree with the guy who doesn’t care for monosyllabic types, though.
    Who on earth would chat someone up in a supermarket?? I have never said anything to a stranger in a supermarket in my life, other than “excuse me” and “thanks”. (Perhaps that’s why I’m 35 and single?)

  8. Didn’t he use the LIBRARY as a good place for ‘men’ to pick up women?

    How come the men who hang around Libraries are too geeky & creepy for him to advise his female readers to make unsubtle passes at?

      1. Me too. UGH! “Gift wrap a wishbone in a jewelry box. Send it to her with a note that says, “I wish you were here.” WTF??

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