Finding Love Online

men are from cyberspace cover

Men are from Cyberspace
The Single Woman’s Guide to Flirting, Dating, and finding Love On-Line
Skriloff and Gould

Looking for love on-line? The authors are here to help with all sorts of tips for finding Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now) in the dark recesses of the Internet. These ladies have all the tips for the modern Internet dater. From chat rooms to online ads or profiles, they have you covered. First flirty tip: You can use tech recommendations as your opening gambit because evidently guys LOVE to talk about computers.

There is also some nice advice about IM sex (which is a lot like phone sex) and a handy chart with all the emoticons you could ever need. Before too long you will be reeling in the men for some serious fun.

I think we can safely weed this one or maybe make a fun display with all those America Online discs that used to come in the mail.

Happy Dating!



  1. Aww, smilies. Back before everyone called them emoticons and people were obsessed with them. It was a simpler time.

    That cover made me wonder why my computer wouldn’t finish loading the picture. Then I realised that’s how it was supposed to look.

    1. This would be an excellent love match filter! Maybe they’d match me with Alfred E. Neuman or Sergio Aragones.

  2. Probably wonderful in 1997, but unfortunately things have changed in 21 years. Technology certainly has.
    Reminds me a bit of the lady who wanted to sell some teaching resource books to the 2nd hand bookshop I work at, a few weeks ago. Books that she thought would still be not only useful, but saleable. They dated from 1979…

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