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How to Marry the Man of Your Choice

I actually remember this book in its first incarnation as a privately published book that gave a money back guarantee. It made some headlines, especially since the book retailed for nearly 100 dollars. The original book was published in 1985 and this lower priced, mainstream edition published a few years later.

I can’t believe this was even on a shelf in circulation. This book makes being single sound like a fate worse than death. Prepare to cringe reading some of this advice. With that said, go crazy and find the man of your dreams.


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Why men are the way they are

hair and jewelry


questions for your date

showing appreciation for your man



  1. If this book is guaranteed to work, maybe it should be in a boxed set with that “Newlywed: A Survival Guide to the First Years of Marriage” book.

    1. When I got that far, but not to “commits himself to you”, I expected it to be some last spiteful thing before the divorce is final and he still has spousal privilege.

  2. Some of this is actually not bad, such as the interesting dates page, but the questions on pages 96-7 would make you sound like a lunatic. “What do you hate?” is not a cheerful topic of conversation, and “have you ever wanted to be a girl?” does sound as if you are politely inquiring if he is transgendered.

  3. P. 168 – Oh yeah, I definitely want to be stuck playing bridge, which I don’t even like, for the rest of my life.

  4. people should probably take showers whether they’re trying to pick somebody up or not!
    A lot of people would probably not find a railroad museum all that entertaining.
    Edit his reports?

  5. You spend $95 on an antique book, or an extremely high quality coffee table art book, not a paperback dating manual! I can’t imagine too many people would buy this at that price point. Probably why they vastly reduced the price.

  6. Neither of my spouses – or anyone else – would have ever appreciated me helping them with anything athletic! I am clumsy and uncoordinated – and hate sports.

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