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What Makes Men Tick coverWoman Alive: What Makes Men Tick

Ladies! Have you wondered what is going on inside your man? How he thinks? How to make him happy? This is your book! From caveman to modern family man, you can discover the basic drives and real masculinity. After all, it is your job (the main one) to make this man functional.

I particularly like how women are portrayed as what men need rather than what they are. The pictures are pretty hilarious (and somewhat pathetic). The feminist in me cringes, but I clearly remember these times. Though you might not notice if you are younger, some things have improved.

Death to the patriarchy!


Male Animal

Men in the kitchen

Cast of female characters


  1. Wow. It’s hard for me to even make it through the copy. How repulsive. All the models have this knowing smirk on their faces “This is how it will always be! It’s just more convenient!” I want to punch everyone involved with this nauseating production!

    I noted two contrasting commercials recently that really illustrate how far we have and have not come re: gender roles: a banking commercial where the Dad dresses up like a fairy godmother for his kid’s birthday party (she’s thrilled beyond belief), and some stupid body wash commercial where the boyfriend accidentally uses his girlfriend’s special “down there” soap in the shower and has to compensate by doing a montage of ultra-manly stuff like chopping wood, dragging the truck with his teeth, etc. Just like an updated version of this book really.

  2. Epilogue – When You’re Ready To Say F*^# This S#&@: Which Murder Weapon Is Right For You?

  3. It’s a seminal work….inspiring the great “Women Are From Mars and Men Have a Penis”

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