Fighting the Militant Gay Agenda

The Anita Bryant Story coverThe Anita Bryant Story
The Survival of Our Nation’s Families and the Threat of Militant Homosexuality

Until I saw this book, I had forgotten the crazy Anita Bryant obsession with gays. As more and more anti-discrimination laws started popping up, Anita and her husband began actively campaigning against these laws in Miami. She lost her lucrative contract pitching orange juice and eventually she became a nonstarter by the mid 80s.

I would weed it, but it might belong somewhere.  She will be forever remembered as a flashpoint for gay rights in the 1970s and not as a singer or orange juice spokesperson. Personally, I read enough and I hope I forget her again.


Anita Bryant front flap

Anita Bryant back flap

Anita Bryant on homosexuality

Anita Bryant sings

Anita Bryant on election day

Anita Bryant speaks out on homosexuality


  1. So out of curiosity, where would you put it? Is it now history? Or does it belong in gay issues (if there’s a category for that)? Or is the kind of thing that gets archived to specialist libraries?

    1. Is there a section labeled “Polemics”? Perhaps just before Jeremiah Crowley’s “The Pope – Chief of White Slavers, High Priest of Intrigue”.

      1. I don’t think there’s a Dewey classification for “Things it was okay to say in public once no matter how stupid they sound now”, which incidentally is about the only good reason to keep something like this.

  2. Wow, agreed. Their children really do look about as unhappy as any children I’ve ever seen. Maybe the parents ought to have prioritized NOT spending time with the family…

    The Rifftrax short ‘Drugs Are Like That’, which she narrates, is totally worth a look-see, by the way.

  3. Pleaxe stop mocking the idea of changing one’ s orientation. Not saying this book is any good, but in general. Please try educating yourselves in the very real existence of ex-gays. It’s a fact that it can change.

    1. Yes, there are “ex-gays.” They are usually living a lie, unhappy, and waiting for a day “God” will cure them in paradise. They are still gay. Such a shame to waste a life that way.
      Like Bill asks, would I be a lesbian if I just decided to be one? If I started relationships with women? Is that all it takes? No, sexual orientation is more than sex.

    2. Are you going to spend a year living as a gay person then, to show us how a change of orientation is done? 🙂

  4. Too bad she didn’t take the advice in the Bible quote she quoted in the inside flap. Doesn’t “loving one’s enemies” entail allowing them to be who they are and not trying to persecute them when they demand rights?

  5. So the slogan “it’s not just for breakfast anymore” that I’ve seen on t-shirts with “orange juice” replaced with things like “beer” or “chocolate” was marketed by this woman? That’s pretty disturbing.

  6. Ooh, ASSAILED by bumper stickers and t/shirts! My heart bleeds. Better than being assailed by fists and guns, like gay people were at the time. (And still are in some places, sadly.)

  7. I graduated from college in 1977 and our commencement speaker was Rita Mae Brown, the Lesbian poet, author, and activist. She welcomed us to, “the age of Anita Bryant — a lady seemingly obsessed with fruit.” I’ve never forgotten that line.

  8. Back in her hey-day, I attended college with one of her nephews. One of the organizations had invited her to speak, and without asking the nephew, just assumed he would be part of the event. He went out of town for the weekend instead.

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