Fighting Back!

Not at their mercy coverNot At Their Mercy

I am not really sure where to begin. Is it the white pumps? (I think my grandmother had a pair of those exact shoes in the early 1970s.) The ridiculous subtitle? (unconscionable? as opposed to the predators with a moral code?), the author note on the back cover? I can’t believe it was written in 2000. This book looks and feels thirty years older.

So, enjoy this book. I will be busy shopping for a new hammer for my purse.


self defence back cover

sefl defence from a kneeling position

using a weapon on the leg

using tools to poke in the nose

sexual assault


  1. Let me know if you find a hammer that will fit into a medium sized handbag. Preferably in a bright color. And some vice grips while you’re at it. BTW, I thought for sure this book was from the 80s!

    Sadly, the addendum on reducing shooting victims is quite relevant.

  2. What’s with the hotel advice items #6, 8 and 9? Not very helpful. If he couldn’t print the whole list he should have left these off. Very odd.

    Also, I am confident that many attackers will be willing to stand there patiently while you affix vise-grip pliers to their noses. Not.

    1. He means that they weren’t about personal safety, but preventing thefts. Probably “don’t display valuables” and “lock your car”.

  3. The addendum suggests this might be an “updated” edition, maybe?

    And I have a short-handled hammer that would fit in a purse, got it mostly to remove nails from inside a built-in shelving unit on my wall. The claw peen would tend to mess with anything else inside the purse, though.

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