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Submitter: My mind was blown by this one, which was lurking in my mid-sized public library’s 781s. The author is the French poodle on the cover who recounts her adventures living with an orchestra conductor. I. Can’t. Even.

Holly: Cute. I’d argue that if this book ever belonged anywhere it was a mid-size public library’s 781s…fifty years ago.  Unless for some wild reason it circulates a few times a year and is still in reasonably good shape (which, if it has circulated regularly for fifty years it probably won’t be), no one will miss it. My neighbor growing up had a Siamese cat that wrote a book. He was weird. (The neighbor. The cat was fairly normal.)

Mary: I think it was the name Fifi that did me in.

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  1. This reminds me of our debate in Cataloguing Class over whether to give Rita Mae Brown’s cat an added entry. Cataloguing geeks, discuss:

    1. I don’t see why not. We create author entries for fictional writers like Richard Castle and Ron Burgundy. The only serious concern I have is that our MARC record gives Sneaky Pie a birth date of 1982. Can cats really live to be 33 years old? I think I know what the next big literary scandal is going to be…

  2. If nobody wants the book, I’ll take it. Poodles are so smart,,and this one can even type, unlike Golda Meier who couldn’t.

  3. Look at the stranglehold he has on that poodle on the cover! Well, they were just getting a jump on Barbara Bush’s dog Millie, who I believe also wrote a book…

  4. nope nope still not french enough – can’t they have the dog wearing a little beret and show the eiffel tower in the background?

  5. Fifi’s pet person, Pierre Monteux, was a big-time orchestra conductor in the 1950s and 60s, naturally specializing in the French repertoire

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