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Barish and Mole

Submitter: Another very dated book we weeded. Dated and wrong. Is ANY festival from 1974 still being held in 2020? I looked up my own state, and while the basic information is mostly correct for the time, there are some glaring errors. Mainly, misspelling the Merrie Monarch Festival as “Merry.” This is sacrilege here. However, “mouthwatering Polynesian and Oriental foods” are still part of the state fair, and any fair, really! And the teeny, tiny type!

Holly: I mean, there are definitely some festivals and fairs with long histories. My personal favorite, the Posen Potato Festival, has been around for almost 70 years. That said, a book like this is definitely going to be outdated 47 years later. It’s an easy weeder. Man, I can’t wait until festivals and fairs are a thing again! I have my eye on Michigan Taco Fest in August.

Festivals in Georgia and Hawaii


  1. There are a lot of festivals being held now that were then, but they might have moved to a different location, a different date, or simply updated their description. Like, not mentioning “Oriental” food. And many probably don’t exist, and even more happen now. I’m sure half of the festivals celebrated in my town didn’t exist in 1974.

    Did Mort and his buddy go to all of these, or just sit around at home and use their tiny typewriters to summarize chamber of commerce pamphlets?

    This is another book topic rendered unneeded by the internet.

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