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Night Club Nurse coverNight Club Nurse

Submitter: I know sometimes you gals feature donations and couldn’t resist sharing this one. It was in one of six boxes of books and VHS tapes donated to us last night. The title and plot were so silly I couldn’t resist snagging it to submit to you. The patron honestly thought we were going to add all her stuff to the collection. It’s good for the Friends to sell, but all the stuff is so old there’s no way it would make it into a public library collection. However, the money these things will bring will help us buy a few things we need. So it’s all good.

Really though, this is just silly. And is it just me or do some of those other books sound more like porn titles? Especially ones like Nurse In Danger and Runaway Nurse.

Do night clubs really have their own nurses?

Holly: That’s a good question!  I don’t recommend Googling it to find out, though.  All I got was a lot of “naughty nurse” links.  This only seems to be available in a couple of university libraries.  That’s odd…

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  1. I’ll be spending this afternoon thinking of new nurse titles:

    Baseball Team Nurse

    Airplane Nurse

    White House Nurse

    Nuclear Submarine Nurse

  2. Although I’m not female I would much rather be a night club nurse and string Dr. Jack along for a few years until I was ready to settle down with a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, with double garage in the “burbs”. If he really loved me he would wait as long as I threw him a few crumbs a long the way and reminded him of all the things that we could do when we were married.

  3. I would seriously consider weeding any medical title (fiction or not) that involved those caps they haven’t worn in decades.

  4. Re: Those caps… Before I became a librarian, I spent many years as a costumer in Dallas. When I had to buy those caps, I would have to go online, unless it was the fall. Baylor Hospital would carry them for Halloween, the nurses loved them as a costume.

  5. I need to hurry up and find an exciting future with a man about town-whatever the heck that means. 😀

  6. I don’t remember the edition of the Cherry Ames juvenile nurse stories where she became a Night Club Nurse! Although she did become a Cruise Nurse (get your minds out of the gutter, it was a shipping cruise line!), a Department Store Nurse, and a Jungle Nurse, among other specialties.

  7. @Amanda – Would it help your inner feminist at all if I confessed I keep mentally changing the title of this to “Fight Club Nurse”?

    And I’m saying this as someone who lothes Brad Pitt passionately.

  8. As a nursing librarian, I’m not surprised at all this would be in our collections. There are courses, both in Nursing and Women’s Studies, on the image of nurses in pop culture.

  9. Roger Corman, king of the sixties sexploitation drive-in flicks, took the titles of some of his “nurse” movies from real nursing groups and associations, such as Private Duty Nurses and Night Shift Nurses.

    I have a vague recollection of a scene in (I think) one of Barbara Pym’s novels where a young woman volunteers to read to a senior citizen in a nursing home. The woman is dismayed to discover that she has to read the type of books “where nurses fall in love with doctors.”

  10. @Jami – I also read it as “Fight Club Nurse” at first. Which makes more sense than a night club nurse, when you think about it.

    I have to wonder if the Everglades Nurse treats alligator bites …

  11. A Nurse Called Happy: She’s the one with the key to the scheduled drugs locker.*
    Future Nurse: I envision a cyborg nurse with kickboxing skills and a speculum that doubles as a laser pistol.
    Runaway Nurse, Hollywood Nurse, and Nurse In The Tropics: All starring April O’Neill, and being released this month on Vivid Video.
    The Nurse And The Star: A nurse with a gun and badge, patrolling the mean streets of Rancho Murietta, California!
    Nurse With A Dream: … Of not working 65 hour weeks or being called ‘babe’ by that one shithead intern.
    Clinic Nurse: “The discharge should go away in three to five days. Make sure to finish your antibiotics, and for god’s sake start using condoms.”


    *Yeah, I made the same joke when I was riffing on Cherry Ames. Sue me.

  12. I read it as a young lady in some sort of “Night Club”, possibly of nurses that work the night shift. That was much more wholesome than the plot of this book.

  13. I have been a nurse for 20 years. I want to know where the night club jobs are! It sounds way better than some of the jobs I’ve had over the years!

  14. Working as a librarian in the “way back” times, my favorite nurse title was “Graveyard nurse”. I thought it was odd that a cemetery had a nurse (not much into vampires back then), but it turns out she worked at a factory on the graveyard shift.

  15. My husband brought this home after the post (from an academic library) and we’ve been reading it aloud together. The whole book is pretty much long descriptions of the other nurses physical attributes and medical procedures. I was expecting something so dated it’s funny with maybe a hint of smut, but this book is just boring!

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