Fiber and Fringe

wearable crafts cover

Wearable Crafts
Sommer and Sommer

The vests! The look! The nausea! As ridiculous as some of these pictures show, this book might have a place in a design/art curriculum. For public libraries, it doesn’t have any instructions or design help, and is really a showcase of wearable art. In 2017, this is dated. In the 1970s it might have held appeal for the right audience.

I am trying to imagine what situation one might wear a boar husk halter top (last image).  However, the fringed vest and the woman attempting some kind of bent knee pose (4th image below) does have some appeal. She just needs to put on pants.


hat and vest crafts

vests with fringe

tunic with fringe

leather hat

boa scarves


  1. I can appreciate some of these things on an aesthetic level, but why make them as wearables? Is there something in our makeup that forces us to direct our creativity toward something supposedly useful?

      1. I thought it referred to the the bent-knee pantless pose next to the caption “Susan likes to do her own stitching…”

  2. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but the lady with the bib ornament looks like she’s thinking “Ha ha ha, please kill me”.

  3. I was curious about what a “boar husk halter” might be, and then I discovered that it’s a typo. Oh well. I do like the foxy vest on the cover.

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