Felt Up!

Decorate with Felt coverDecorate with Felt

I think this is hands down the DULLEST craft book  I have ever seen. There are no colorful pictures and the crafts themselves are pretty ugly. This is just page after page of stuff I would never want in my house, even if my precious snowflake children made them.

I can’t imagine this flying off the shelf in the 1970s any more than it would in 2014.


Decorate with Felt front flap

Helpful Hints for the Hopeless


Bed throw




  1. Why on Earth would I want a felt BLANKET? Ooh, nothing says warmth and cosiness than felt – I don’t think.

    1. UGH, I just realised the instructions recommend using brown and orange. That just adds insult to injury.

      1. I know, right? I hate how felt feels. I feel like felt should be reserved exclusively for things that are displayed but not going to be handled a lot. Not blankets–and especially not orange and brown blankets. Dx

  2. Terrible. If they really did make crafts from thirty yards of felt they should have at least put in color photos of their creations instead of drawings that look like they were made by a 6-year-old. I make crafts like dolls and stuffed animals with felt a lot so this is just insulting.

  3. Yeah, craftbooks without color pictures are basically useless. I have terrible color coordination! Help me!

  4. This was a blast from the past. I remember making stuff like this in grade school using felt. Oddly enough now I want to go feel some. I haven’t felt felt in a long time.

    1. When I was little, one of my favorite “toys” was a piece of felt, plus numerous little tiny plant, animal and scenery shapes made out of felt to rearrange into different pictures over and over again. This book is kind of poorly produced, though.

  5. Gee and I’ve always heard it was so hard to get a book published. This one flew way, way, way under the radar!

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