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test your cat's personality

Test Your Cat’s Personality

I’m not sure I would need a little quiz to tell me that my cat is a judgmental narcissist, emotionally blackmailing me into buying premium cat food. I also think she is plotting my demise. I honestly think that most cat/human slave relationships are like this.

As a book, this barely qualifies. It really is just a quiz and it is more like a funny party favor than anything a library would want to add. I do think that cat books are essential for both adults and kids. I know it is futile, but I always hold out hope that some cat person out there finally has them figured out.

Meow to all that.


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testing your cat

testing your cat



  1. If you don’t answer any or all of the questions with D, you either have the strangest cat in the world or you’re not very honest. 🙂 Although I don’t know why a cat would be interested in any website at all. Maybe YouTube if you watch bird videos.

  2. So far, all my cat’s answers were “C” which I assume means she’s a fat, lazy cat.

  3. Joking aside, I think my younger cat, who is playful and very affectionate, would be mostly B’s while my older cat, who is more independent and reserved, would be mostly c’s.

  4. You can pretty much weed any book that mentions Friendster, unless it’s a historical study of digital resources.

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