Fear of Flying

Fearless Flying coverFearless Flying
The Complete Program for Relaxed Air Travel
Forgione and Bauer

When I first saw this I thought of Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying.  No, this is NOT that book.  This book is to help with anxiety and stress with flying. As a person who struggles with flying phobia and motion sickness, I know that this book would not help me or anyone else. Besides, they don’t even address being stuck next to weirdos, screaming babies, or guys trying to sell me insurance.

The best part of the book is the quaint look back at travel before deregulation, the TSA, and all sorts of other stuff that make airline travel the stress inducing experience it is today. I am sure we will all love looking at the perfectly blow-dried ticket agent from yesteryear.

Busy looking for the air sick bag,


Fearless Flying back cover

Ticket agent

Buying a ticket

Metal detector

ashtray in airplane


  1. Love the hair on that high school grad doing the ticketing. Also the cigarette being extinguished in the ashtray on the lav door is funny – the ashtray and the razor blade disposal are still in the lavs on some airlines. Tells you how old the plane is – which might make you afraid of flying…

  2. This is priceless! Maybe it doesn’t belong in the library, but I could see it in a museum. I love the warning about “One person at a time please” above the metal detector. Was there ever a problem with multiple people trying to stuff themselves through that opening at the same time?

    And I love how one of the “fears” is that if the plane’s engine dies, it will crash. Am I crazy, or isn’t that what ACTUALLY happens if a plane loses its engines?

  3. “Fear that if the motor stops, the airplane will plummet to the earth like a piece of lead”. And if you didn’t have a fear of flying before, you sure do now.

  4. Patience: Well, it would glide for a while–it wouldn’t just drop straight down.

  5. An excellent historical document. Yes, kids, believe it or not, we didn’t always have to abandon our shoes and shampoo and undergo an electronic strip search before boarding a plane.

  6. Wait, a lightning bolt could hit the plane and consume it in fire? You should do a series like Books That Make You Afraid of Things You Never Thought To Fear Before. This would make the list, as would some of the macramé…

  7. I love the map in the background. If we did not have the date of the book, I can still tell its Delta pre-Western merger. Remember them?

  8. “Fear that lightning will strike and the plane will be consumed by flames.”
    they’re being very blunt there. Also, check it out…just a metal detector gate! No lugging your belongings onto the belt, taking off your shoes and glasses and jackets, etc, no patdowns, no More sorting liquids…

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