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Eberts and Gisler

Submitter: I work in an academic library and this “career advice” book was still hanging out on the shelves in mid-2022. I was really surprised to see that there was an entire book dedicated to this topic. There are some chapters about the history of the fast food industry and what franchising entails but the majority of the book is dedicated to becoming the best possible customer servant you can be and climbing the ladder to middle management. The authors dedicate an entire chapter to the necessary educational credentials which is probably one chapter more than what is necessary. Check out the vintage photos!

Holly: High school courses in math, science, business, and computer science are helpful in just about any career, but and the idea that “Most home economics departments are now open to boys as well as girls…” (p.88) is beyond ridiculous in this day and age. It was in 1989 too, actually. The computer science examples miss the point of computerized fast food processes in this day and age, where every fast food restaurant has an app and point of sales systems are pretty complex. And yes, submitter is right that the photos are “vintage.” I’ll tell you one thing: anyone with fast food experience on their resume is worth a look in library service. They may be great at customer service, multitasking, and team work.

Fast Food Careers contents

Fast Food careers contents

Fast Food Careers education

Fast Food Careers education

Fast Food Careers education

Fast Food Careers education

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  1. Pretty sure nobody in 1989 thought of fast food as a career, either. Or needed college courses for it (or military experience), and if your high school had all those courses, you’d be able to have a career in something else. The whole point of fast food was that it can be prepared and served by teenagers or people who’d never had a job before, with minimal training.

    I think even the franchise owners get training from the corporations.

    What an incredibly useless book. Whoever thought this was a good purchase back then maybe is more suited to fast food than librarianship.

  2. How many schools actually have home economics nowadays? They cancelled them in my municipality’s school system decades ago because budget issues required SOMETHING be cut — and of course, home ec, woodworking, etc. were the first to go. Art and music held on for a while but have been chipped away at.

    And of course, teaching-to-the-test has changed the focus from educating to… passing tests.

  3. Yes leave fast food restaurant service for library science: give up edible grease for indelible ink….
    I mean it: ink wears off but who wants to go home smelling like burgers and fries?

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