Fashion Source Book coverFashion Source Book: A Visual Reference to Twentieth Century Fashion
De La Haye

Submitter: Although the early chapters are informative on the history of fashion, the lack of anything past 1988 makes this book an easy weed for a public library. Like shoulder pads – off to the dumpster with this book.

Holly: As a “source book” it’s definitely past its prime. If you need the space for current fashion books, let ‘er go. If you’re not strapped for space, it might work as a fashion history book. I think actual fashion history books are still better, but #budgets, amiright?




The 1980s


  1. That poor woman in the first “Suits” photo. I wonder when she tried to wriggle through that metal band around her middle and got stuck, never to be free of it.

  2. The poor woman in the “Separates”! Blue pants hiked up to over her navel, apparently a white dickey, tiny yellow boots, and whatever’s on her head. My first thought was “We are not women, we are Devo.”

  3. I tried sporting the pants tucked into the ankle boots look once. My friend laughed at me and said I looked like Peter Pan, so that was that.

  4. What always makes me chuckle about fashion books is how smug they sound about the current fashions. “Oh, this is SO 1987,” as if we’ve finally found the perfect styles, and they will be fashionable forever, and we were all so stupid before. When of course, everything looks ridiculous eventually.

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