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I am a firm believer that a sweatshirt with an applique or decoration is a fashion “no” unless you have a job where you work with children. (Team sports sweatshirts are also excepted.) I don’t think even in the 80s and early 90s there was a way to make this look hip and fashionable. I also believe this kind of fashion choice is guaranteed to make you look like someone’s grandma, despite your age.

However, as a hack sewer, I can appreciate the skill involved with good applique technique and I have used it on a few quilt projects. The book lover in me rejects the weird font and the blue ink. I think the content itself is okay (although I wouldn’t be caught dead in any of these examples), but it fails as a library book due to the spiral binding and low quality production value. I get the feeling this book would fall apart after 3 checkouts.

However, if any of you are thinking you want to adapt a sweatshirt into some fashion, note the library themed page in the last picture.



sewing zippered necklines


library graphics for applique


  1. A spinning wheel design in “occupations and interests”?? More like 1886 than 1986.

  2. Mary, just in case you don’t end up looking like someone’s grandma, you can add a faux turtleneck! Or, if you don’t want patrons to find you, make a work apron that matches the library color scheme!

  3. The only way any of these could be “forward fashion” is if they went forward straight to the trash…(or donation bin)! I dont think even the homeless would want them tho. AWFUL!!!!

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