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Dressing Up coverDressing Up
How to look and feel absolutely perfect for any social occasion

Any old timers remember Marisa Berenson?  When I found this book I kept thinking I knew this actress from somewhere.  Then I remembered the film Barry Lyndon (1975).   There is something about the glamor in these pages that make this an interesting find.  The hair is my favorite part of this book.  Fashion history collections possibly could hang on to this but regular public libraries…. sorry, its a weeder!

Enjoy the memories, though!



jacket and jeans

gala dress


  1. The description of the first picture (flats, interesting jacket, great jewelry) sounds like it’s straight out of the Baby-Sitters Club.

  2. Actually, her lacy tights are back in. However, the gown is so God awful! Nothing matches.

  3. I remember her best as the heiress in Cabaret. Here’s some more info on her:
    She was a model before she was an actress, and her grandmother was the legendary fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. Her brother-in-law was actor Anthony Perkins. Her younger sister, Berry, died in the World Trade Center attacks–she was on AA Flight 11.

    None of which qualifies her to write a fashion advice book. Or dress herself, if that evening gown photo is anything to go by…

  4. This book would be a hoot to look at with girlfriends and a bottle if wine! I can only imagine the giggles!

  5. Jeans, Blazer, mucho bracelets and necklaces… she’s still right, you would have a look. Not a good one, but a look never the lesss

  6. the ravages of time and calamity will make fashion victims of us all. Judge not through the faulty lens of hindsight, and take pity on the publisher for printing this pulp.

  7. The evening gown would be fine…without the GREEN gloves. The jeans and jacket would be fine…without the “piles of jewelry”. The underwear? Meh…nobody would see it except her date (maybe).

    The HAIR, OTOH, has GOT to go!

  8. Really have to disagree about underwear advice. I’m a huge fan of wearing comfy undies anyway, but especially under fancy outfits you’re already uncomfortable wearing anyway. Why add to the misery?

  9. Fashions come and fashions go, but a beautiful woman in her underwear is timeless! Berenson’s probably more distinguished as a model than an actress, but having said that her three major roles – ‘Barry Lyndon’, ‘Cabaret’ & ‘Death in Venice’ – would look good on anyone’s resume.

  10. Would it even be possible to write a book about women’s fashion that wouldn’t be out of date in a couple of years? I suppose a books on basics (Don’t wear horizontial stripes if you’re heavy etc.) would be ok but boring. Men are little bit luckier since our stuff doesn’t change that much unless you’re a real peacock and trendsetter.

  11. Maybe I just have a deficiency that makes me crave fruit, but the pink dress with the green gloves just screams watermelon to me.

  12. As someone who lived through it (and still has the pictures to prove it), I can tell you she’s an eighties gal through-and-through in this book!

  13. The first pic reminds me of Whoopi Goldberg. I’ve got a bone to pick with the last pic as well. The gloves don’t work with the rest of the ensemble, but that pancake makeup job doesn’t help at all!

  14. “When you have on some sexy lace tights and a pretty strapless bra you…”

    You WHAT? How can you just leave us hanging like that, Awful Library Books? You tease!

  15. Kubrick was a master of casting. Above all, his casting was impeccable. No one seemed to understand why he cast her in Barry Lyndon. That movie was about her. It was perfect.

    Everybody griped loudly about the movie, and, obviously, the publicity people completely misunderstood it too, but there probably was never born anyone better-suited to that part.

  16. I have this book! I was recently sorting things at my parents’ house and found it. I was about to toss it as being so horribly out of date, but I got such a kick out of it and figure my daughter may find it a hoot when see gets older and sees what her mom wore back in the day.

  17. “Dressing up” back then required about a gallon of hairspray. Nobody light a match. And, of course, “great masses of necklaces and bracelets.”

  18. A blazer with jeans? So that’s where Clinton Kelly gets his so called fashion sense! Does she also wear a buttoned down vest over an untucked shirt as well?

  19. In the cover photo, she doesn’t look like she feels “absolutely perfect.” She looks tense and a little frightened, with a frozen-in-place smile.

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