Fashion Design for the 80s

fashion color line and design cover

Color, Line, and Design (3rd edition)

This is more of a text than a DIY book for the average library user. It’s actually quite good and comprehensive. Since the book focuses on core design skills, the fashion examples aren’t as crucial. I would think it would be a reasonable choice for a specialty collection. However, since there are a lot more choices featuring 21st century style that would work better for the average public library. Bottom line, this is one that would be dependent on the kind of library and the kind of collection. Personally, I could live without 80s fashion examples, but this is something students might find interesting. You never know if if big shoulder pads and leg warmers make a come back.

For those of you that are new to the art of weeding, this website is not intended to be a checklist for weeding. This site is really about making wise decisions about what stays and what goes.  Both Holly and I also love the old books we show because they are relics of past times. The longer you are in library service the less likely you will notice time marching on. Both of us have had those moments where we say “Didn’t I just buy that?” and realize that was a decade ago. (In this particular case, I am looking at the illustrations and realizing I once thought these dresses were cute.)

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4 ugly dresses from the 1980s

fashion examples highlighting the use of color

more fashion examples

women's jogging suit and a man's suit

Japanese layering and Italian tailoring4 ugly dresses from the 1980s



  1. The shirt dress is pretty classic, you could wear that in many decades. But that peplum!

    “More color in menswear” makes me laugh — one guy in white, another in gray?

    1. Especially since suits in a solid, bright color were in style in the ’80s!

  2. There’s nothing _wrong_ with a double breasted suit coat, but the buttons have to be symmetrical or at least do better than page 92.

  3. The last pages have strange proportions–either the clothes are really huge or their heads are super tiny!

    1. And pg. 92 has giant anime eyes! Does the guy with the badly-buttoned coat have a chinstrap beard and heavy eye shadow? I don’t remember 1985 being so relaxed about gender expression.

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