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planning a family reunion

Planning a Family Reunion

I have been asked over the years for a how to guide for throwing a family reunion. Showers and other types of parties have evidently moved over to Pinterest and other websites. Family reunions, will probably follow, but I would still like a book for my library collection. This book isn’t it. The general advice is decent, but for a serious event, there needs to be some discussion of technology. Just flipping through this book I kind of felt sorry for the person trying to coordinate an event, among family, no less. Having to physically assemble and track downs relatives would be a real chore before wide use of the Internet. If I was the person, I would totally resent my family for the amount of work.

The content itself is pretty practical, but the handful of illustrations are just awful. This is one of those examples that you are better off on the Internet than this outdated book.


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  1. Perhaps it’s just my strained relationship with my own family, but my instinctive reaction to being asked for advice on planning family reunions would be a succinct, “Don’t.” If two or more branches of the family haven’t had contact with one another for decades there’s probably a good reason for it, and all a reunion will accomplish is to remind everyone what that reason is. Probably in a way that’s only fun to watch if you’re not going to have to see some of these people again afterwards.

  2. You know, when it comes to drawing people I haven’t progressed much beyond third grade. The point is, I know this. Drawing (unless it’s jewelry designs) is just not a thing I can do. So this book makes me sad; think of the years and years of effort this quite untalented illustrator put into gaining enough technical competence to be acceptable to a publisher, only to have the illustrations be… so…
    There’s no other word for it. Terrible. There, I typed it.

  3. “Having to physically assemble and track downs relatives”

    Wait. Is the submitter Jeffrey Dahmer or Ed Gein? Or is the submitter a normal person trying to track down the rest of the family, who got infected in the latest zombie apocalypse so they can shoot them?

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