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Understanding Personality Through Faces

We had a housekeeping day at the library as part of our staff inservice. This gave us an opportunity to clean up, shelf read and do other chores around the library. Of course we found stuff. Take a look at this gem. Did you know you can tell all sorts of personality traits from a person’s face? I am quite sure this is all very “scientific”.

I am not sure I am going to read anyone’s face for deep insight, but certainly I will be thinking about noses in a whole new way. (12 year old boy humor alert).


Faces inside flap

Triangular face

eye shape

nose shape

head shape

eyebrow shape


  1. I have a triangular face, but I’ve never been a great seducer! I’m very happily married, but I could never just “pick up” a girl back in my younger days.

  2. They forgot one head shape: cone head. This is when you claim that you are from France, but are actually an extra- terrestrial. People with cone heads like to drink six-packs of beer and play ring toss.

  3. I like that there are whole “systems” dedicated to making snap judgments about people based solely on genetic traits over which they have no control. Maybe I’ma cynic, but when I see anything like this, or relating to phrenology, I just see it as something people use as an excuse to be racist.

    1. You might be interested if you read about “blood type discrimination” and its origins. No snark.

      1. I’ve heard of that! I never realized the extent of the discrimination based on it, though. I don’t even know my blood type (I guess I should, for medical reasons…). That’s so odd

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