Fabulous Holidays!

holiday craftsThe Big Book of Fabulous Fun-Filled Celebrations and Holiday Crafts
Fobel and Boleach

Some of these crafts must be seen to be believed. There is the shrimp and olive Christmas tree (3rd picture below). Nothing says birth of our Lord like a shrimp Christmas tree on the buffet. But wait, there’s more! How about an Easter cauliflower lamb with a black olive head? (At least I think it is a head…)




demon mask


  1. Those are eggplants, not olives, on the lamb (according to the blurb on the back of the book). Either way, it is terrifying!
    The shrimp and olive Christmas tree just looks like a sea creature with a thousand eyes.

  2. I don’t think that shrimp and olive tree would be any more appetizing in real life…

  3. That shrimp and olive “Christmas tree” is more suitable for Halloween, because it looks like some hideous multi-eyed alien monster, quietly deciding which unsuspecting guest it should leap onto first.

  4. In the world of crafting there are always people with too much time on their hands and enthusiasm that talent and taste. This book seems aimed at that crowd. I was not immune to the craft mania of the 1970s. I admit to making angels from dish soap bottles, styrofoam balls and yarn.

    The amount of money, time and effort to make the shrimp and olive tree would be staggering. Also, what’s that on the top? It resembles a discouraged Pickelhaube.

    However, I do find the dragon head cake strangely appealing.

    If your library has the room for this book and your library is visited by ironic hipsters, I would keep it. Who knows, ideas from this book just might turn an ordinary party into a kitschy coup.

  5. Just put shrimp on a plate already. That tree is too much trouble and a little sea-monsterish looking to boot. But the lamb was kind of cute.

  6. That last picture, with the mask and the woman folding her arms like she is not happy to be wearing it – Hahahaha!

  7. Considering Jesus was Jewish and shrimp is not kosher I’m not sure he’d approve of that tree.

    Me, however, lose the olives and just leave me that pile of shrimp

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