Fabulous Fructose

Fabulous Fructose - coverThe fabulous fructose recipe book : Featuring calorie, cholesterol, and sodium counts for all recipes
Cooper and Jones

Submitter: Found this while weeding the cookbook section. I was shocked that a book on cooking with fructose ever existed. Every recipe has fructose added to it including but not limited to rice, carrots, roasted turkey, meatloaf and steamed vegetables!

Holly: Most cookbooks from 1979 are too old for your average public library. I’d weed it on that fact alone.

Fructose has a bad name. Many people immediately think “high fructose corn syrup,” but pure fructose is not the same thing. Fructose is sugar found, for example, in fruit, honey, and root vegetables. It has a lower glycemic index than other sugars. This isn’t the worst subject for a cookbook that a library could have, but the title and cover should do a better job of marketing the value of fructose.

That said, the recipes that the submitter listed do seem like odd foods to add fructose to!

Fabulous Fructose - back cover

Fresh Tomato Soup recipe

Roast turkey recipe


  1. I misread the back cover and thought Dr. Cooper was a specialist in barbaric medicine. Lens flash.

  2. Strange. It seems like the value of a fructose cookbook would be in teaching you how to replace other sugars in traditionally sweet recipes–rather than adding fructose to things you never sugared in the first place, like turkey, rice, and vegetables!

  3. I remember my dad going through a fructose stage in the 1980s. Didn’t cook with it, but bought fructose-sweetened cookies, etc.

    I’m not surprised by the tomato soup, though. Look at the back of a can of Campbell’s condensed tomato sometime. HFCS is cheap, so they use that instead of pure fructose, but it’s in there (or it was the last time I bought a can, which was some years ago now).

  4. Fructose (levulose) was the be-all and end-all of healthy sugars 30 years ago. Supposedly it was indigestible and hence calorie free because of being the opposite shape as dextrose. This is rubbish. and now there is evidence it may promote cancer. A search on
    fructose carcinogen site:.gov
    is a good start.

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