Fabulous Frisbee

Fabulous FrisbeeFabulous Frisbee
Childers Schmitz

Submitter: We JUST weeded it this week! Tube socks galore, and a listing of the 1977 Frisbee World Championship winners. Check out the barefoot guy in white jeans demonstrating catching stances.

Holly: What the heck is on that guy’s shirt? Was frisbee somehow related to the hacky sack crowd in the 70’s? He’s giving off a certain “vibe.” Very mellow, very cool.  Are they suggesting frisbee be played barefoot? Frisbee is still fun, but maybe we could get a newer one.

Frisbee catching positions


  1. Whoa! Flight of the Navigator!! Frisbee-catching dogs in the opening scenes of the movie. Set in 1978 Florida (and then 1986 Florida). As for this book… get a few copies of books on Ultimate (same concept, tweaked).

  2. It appears the guy on the cover (with the fab socks) is going to try to catch it in his mouth!

  3. Having spent umpteen years now watching men wear their pants lower and lower so you see more and more of their dirty boxer shorts, I have to say, ugly shirt or not, Barefoot Frisbee Man is turning me on simply because his pants are not on the ground!

    Maybe you should’ve kept it just to show boys now adays how pants should be worn!

    1. Amen! I get embarrassed taking a walk around town and seeing the complete boxer-clad bottoms of the young men. Then I have to resist the elementary school urge to “de-pants” them. And to think, in the 1980s (my childhood years), I thought nothing could be funnier than mens tight short shorts. Why are low pants still in style? My 11 yo daughter was looking at her baby book this week, and was surprised us both by noting that the fashion then was low-hanging pants with boxers showing. That’s a long time for a completely stupid fashion trend.

      1. I swear I should put together a picture book on how to wear pants showing men from the 70s VS now. I can use Frisbee Man up there for the cover!

        When it comes to men’s fashions, the 70s are SO superior to now adays.

  4. Oh my goodness! I just weeded this one last fall! You MUST post the page of the guy in the green shirt showing catching the frisbee between his legs. We laughed about that in our staff lounge for weeks.

  5. Those are frisbee catching stances? I thought he was trapped in an invisible box ….

  6. ‘thumbs up’ stance looks like WTF? to me.

    and oh, that hair and beard…long, but not TOO long, and combed. the beard full but neatly trimmed…yes, this fellow must’ve made quite the stir at the Singles Bar way back in ’78.

    i don’t think hacky-sack and frisbee are remotely related. frisbee is ultra-amertican; hacky is brit/euro…

    i’ve heard frisbee golf/ultimate/etc, described as the ‘perfect sport’ for white people…because the athletic prowess it takes to excell at it is really pretty meagre-and well within our modest abilities.

    1. I had your attitude toward “ultimate” until I scoffed and went out one Saturday afternoon to a pickup game. I’m a soccer player. Those people handed me my chin.

      That game’d be about like rugby or futbol in terms of athleticism. Endurance. Constant running, bursts of speed, and a whole lot of hard contact competing for discs in the air. I came back with bruises and shin splints, both of which had been treated on-site with extensive mud-based poultices.

      We never played in avocado green polyester shirts. Maybe that would be a competitive advantage.

    1. I immediately thought of the Bee-Gees as well. Maybe frisbee is what they did before they became famous.

  7. Perfect beyond perfect! Those poor souls that will no longer have this “go to” book though ~ what will they do!??

  8. I think you should donate this book to some kind of archive of fantastic facial hair.

    …does this archive exist? If not, maybe I should found it. It could be named after Chester A. Arthur. I don’t think anyone can really debate the fact that he had the most fabulous facial hair of any president.

  9. I’d check this book out. It looks great, you should leave it on the shelf!

  10. Any book with tube socks on the cover should automatically be weeded. But I want that shirt. It’s been Double Knit Polyester Fortnight here in my library.

  11. do you really need to read a book on how to play frisbee? that’s like reading a book about techniques for eating cereal.

    1. Yeah, you actually do need a [rule] book to play the “frisbee” game called Ultimate. Just not this one.

  12. That guy showing how to catch (thumbs up, thumbs down), wasn’t he in The Hangover?

  13. OK, people. The thumbs down catch is for when you feel bad. The thumbs up catch is for when things are going well.

    1. Photographer was probably using “hot” lights. And, by “using,” I mean poorly.

  14. The hippie in the Frisbee stance is mostly going to get it thrown right into his face. I can picture it now…I think a basic stance would be like,just standing there waiting for it to be thrown to you…

  15. My college, which should probably remain unnamed, (but here’s a hint, its library is named after a famous, classic cartoonist) offered credit courses in Frisbee when I was attending…don’t know if they’re still offered, but probably…

  16. As a newcomer to the site I feel like I have inadvertently opened by best present first on Christmas morning. Will it ever get any better than this? Please tell me it will…

  17. OK, so I’m both disappointed and pleased to find this book already listed here: disappointed, because I came here to post this book myself, having just weeded it from an academic library (!); and pleased, because the cover and the dude in the white pants were the pictures I was going to submit!

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