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Fabric Decorating for the Home

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that interior design books from the mid-1970s aren’t as popular in libraries as they once were.  The cover of this book is old-school library binding with no picture; super eye-catching for a crafty book.

Barbara Taylor Bradford probably loves this book, but I personally gagged a bit as I was browsing through.

(Below) We have the oh-so-pink-and-ruffly little girl’s room (back when gender identity was defined by pink and blue):

pink bedroom


(Below) Is the bird part of the decor? I don’t think I’d position a bird’s perch just above my drinks, if you get my drift…

Yellow porch

(Below) My grandparents had a variation on this bathroom in the early 1980s.  Including the carpet, which seems like a horrible choice for a room dedicated to the use of water. Dig the lights around the mirror!

Blue bathroom

(Below): Those tiles belong in a casino.  And dumbbells and jump rope do not belong on the bathroom floor, Mr. Bathroom.

Yellow bathroom


(Below) This is not feng shui at all.  Not. At. All. The trash can does not belong in the middle of the room, feng shui or not.

office with rug




  1. Obviously the can is there in front of the desk so the person behind it can pretending they’re throwing basketballs.

    I imagine the bird is supposed to be one of those fake birds like you see in tropical themed restaurants.

    I love the porch. I’d want different plants, but the porch itself is beautiful in my humble opinion.

  2. Interior designers who suggest carpet in bathrooms should be hung upside down by their toes and forced to look at pictures of mold until their head explodes from the rush of blood.

  3. The bird seems to be in the foreground to me, in front of the chairs and table. Strange way to position it for an illustration.

  4. Wow! Except for the skirt on the sink, that guest bathroom is almost just like the one my grandmother had. I can almost smell the baby powder and Jean Nate.

  5. Why does Mr. Bathroom have an air mattress on his floor? Is this perhaps his only room? If so, perhaps he has no storage for his fitness equipment. I guess the chaise longue is not comfortable enough to sleep on, but it would appear he does have all the necessary comforts of home save cooking facilities. I would not like to live with such a color scheme, however.

    As for carpet in bathrooms, no need for such vehement condemnation! Or any condemnation LOL. My grandparents also had it, and there never was a mold problem. It was much cozier than the tiles underneath. In my house, I have it, too, because the floor is completely horrible-looking. I am on my second carpeting batch, because the first one did get terminal mildew from the antics of my youthful son. (It would actually have been washable, not sure why I opted to toss it.)

    Now, with only adults in the house, there is no problem. Wet feet land on an absorbent bath mat and any errant spills are quickly dealt with, as they would be on any floor. I am not sure whether the choice of carpeting material matters — mine is nylon and it is specifically marketed for bathrooms. I might not want to put down wool…

  6. For a public Library? Yes, weed it!

    At our design school we would have to keep it. Its good reference for students to look back at. Authentic designs from the time period. My students are not to keen on the 1970’s. So I am sure if we owned it, and I just checked, it would be languishing in our off-site storage. Other decades fly off the shelf.

  7. Sorry, folks, but I love this stuff. Always wanted the pink skirted dressing table, and a skirt around my bathroom sink. I agree with others that the porch is quite nice. And the Papasan chairs appeal, too. Not so much the yellow bathroom, though.

  8. The furniture in the yellow bathroom seems a bit odd, but the sunken bathtub and black tile around it is pretty awesome.

  9. I like the desk lamp in that study picture- but that is not a room for anyone who does serious work.

  10. Lurker, you have totally cleared something up for me — it had not occurred to me that was what was meant. I didn’t think the bathroom looked a “Mr.-only” decor. Awful but not necessarily for men only.

  11. Me! Me! Me! I am the one who loves old design books from the 70s. Also, when i was a child we lived in an apartment that had carpet in the bathroom and there was never any issue with mold.

  12. Whatever do you mean by “back when gender identity was defined by pink and blue” ?
    I have a baby now, and it is hell on wheels to avoid the pink-or-blue issue. Everything comes in pink and blue! And don’t tell me the choice doesn’t make a difference. People seeing my baby dressed in blue handmedowns go “oh, what a big, fine boy!”, while people seeing her in reds and purples go “oooh, what a cute little girl!” Seriously, colour changes the _size_ of the baby??!!!

    Phew, sorry about that. This colour regime annoys me to the point of snarling! There used to be free choice in these matters, now all I see is princess pink and pirate blue.

  13. I’m with you AnneC (except that I don’t have a baby). I look at so many catalogues that have an almost identical toy or piece of kids’ equipment in blue and pink. It’s so silly.

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