Exercise Resolution-80s Style

aerobic dancingAerobic Dancing

Now that we are in January for real (I was in denial), time to get started on those new year’s resolutions. How about you go old school with some aerobic dancing? Although it has changed a bit over the years, the basics are still out there: music, accelerated heart rate, and some kind of choreography. You can even break out some leg warmers if you want the truly authentic retro experience.

Aerobic dancing was the new thing in the late 1970s, and Jane Fonda’s exercise video in 1982 made aerobic dancing a household term. Basically, this was the incorporation of dancing to improve your heart rate and general endurance.

Sorensen’s book is probably one of the first mainstream publications on this topic and includes choreography and instructions on taking your heart rate. It’s not too bad for the time. Extra bonus points since she didn’t wear leg warmers.



taking a pulse

step together step



  1. And an additional two points because 1) her hair is not insane, and 2) she looks as though she might actually be having fun.

  2. Nope to aerobic dancing! I trip over my own feet just walking down the street. And I could never master taking my own pulse in ninth grade gym glass, when we actually did aerobic dancing. I counted it a success that I never fell over.

  3. When I went to high school in the 1980s, aerobic dance was offered as an elective gym class for a short period. Despite the fact that it was extremely popular and always filled up instantly, administration cancelled it after a few years because it was “silly”– i.e., girls liked it.

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