Everybody In the Tub

Hot TubsHot Tubs: How to Build, Maintain & Enjoy Your Own

Submitter: This book, acquired in 1976, was weeded from a community college library. One can only guess if the reason this book was part of the collection was that there was a Wood Technics program at the time. That program was discontinued and the last due date of the items was October 2, 2000 before it was weeded from the collection in 2011.

Holly: How many people can you fit in a hot tub? Second question: why on earth would you keep this in a library in 2012? People who want to build a hot tub can find better information than this. A quick WorldCat search brings up plenty of choices published in this millennium. My favorite line from the description in the first image below: “A hot tub gathering shouldn’t be considered a lewd bacchanal.” Coulda fooled me.

Johnston-Kyburz Physical/Emotional Satisfaction Scale

Hot Tubs - amenities

In a suit drinking wine in a hot tub

Lots of people in a hot tub


  1. Yup, that b/w shot is the exact same group shown on the cover. Just rotated 90 degrees. I wonder why the voyeur part on the chart goes up for a bit there. People are getting out of the tub because it’s getting too hot?

  2. Considering there’s kids in that hot tub the whole “orgy without the sex” line REALLY creeps me out!

  3. Amenities???? I haven’t heard that name for this before. Apparently, one needs to be naked or in a tux to use a tub. This is just so very educational!

  4. Note that Y axis units are “per pound of flesh” WTF? That whole graph is bizarre and somewhat creepy. Just how did they come up with that??

  5. No thanks, I’m peeaphobic. Too many people in a small hot water tub has no appeal for me. The chance for bladder release is just waiting there and I don’t want to be in the tub when happens.

  6. “Having sat, floated or floundered in countless hot tubs with friends of ALL sexes.” LOL that made me laugh.

  7. I actually work at a hot tub supply store, as a water care specialist. The literature on “why you should have a hot tub” that we get from the company that makes the hot tubs we sell sounds… actually, pretty much exactly like this, but with less emphasis on sex and with the additional emphasis on being energy efficient as well as being a bastion of relaxation, therapy, and social togetherness. Apparently, not much has changed in thirty-seven years.

    And that is an insanely crowded hot tub. Jesus. I hope to god that they sanitize that water properly, or it is going to be nasty as hell in a day or two.

    I can’t explain the tux, though.

  8. I’ve been in a crowded hot tub or two in my time, but yikes! How do all their legs fit? I think they should take their how-to-build-a-hot-tub knowledge and build a second one to handle the crowd. 😉

  9. “I prefer to think of a hot bath as a beautify orgy without sex.” Quoted by a man named Dick Johnston. SERIOUSLY!?

  10. The hot tub on the cover looks like it’s in the middle of a jungle. Just weird. Also, why is everyone in it naked?

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