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O.J. Simpson: Football’s Record Rusher

Submitter:Hard to recall a time when “O.J. Simpson” connoted “great football player” in the zeitgeist.  Oddly enough, he didn’t play for the (Ford) Broncos, but for the Buffalo Bills.  This is the last page of the book, but I think there was more excitement in his life yet to come, even more exciting than a Super Bowl.

Holly: Ha!  The “Ford Broncos!”  That’s funny!  1974?  What’s the point of a book about OJ Simpson from 1974?  The chapter called “Feeling Sorry for OJ” takes on a whole new meaning now, doesn’t it?

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  1. I would say that he shocked more than just the champs in the years to come. When you think about it, that very long trial is already 15 years gone. Definitely need an updated edition!

  2. I didn’t know OJ even had a son who was that old! I am old enough to remember the trial but not his football career.

  3. What a riot! I owned this book, bought it with my book club money in 3rd or 4th grade. Don’t know if I finished reading it. Can’t remember if this was pre-Hertz airport leaping furniture commercials.

  4. No Super Bowl yet for the Bills. Nor for Jim Brown’s Browns, either. Could the author fawn over O.J. any more riduculously? O.J. introduces the offensive linemen. “It was a beautiful gesture.” Sheesh!

  5. In the days before football (American) penetrated the collective consciousness here in the UK, the name of OJ Simpson was only known to us via ads for something called “Dingo Boots” that used to appear in imported comics. Later on, he started popping up in films, and by the time of the ‘Naked Gun’ series, most of us were at least somewhat aware of his sporting prowess. And then things got a little bit strange…