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How to Trim and Alter Sweatshirts

In case our first sweatshirt book or our second didn’t have enough snap for your fashion needs, I present even MORE designer sweatshirts. You will be happy to see that I have included directions on making your sweatshirt into a cardigan. You will be a total fashion hit at the next ALA convention in your sweatshirt cardigan.

Happy Sewing!


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  1. This is just about the most ridiculous thing Ive ever seen,barring the book about making Skirtains of course lol!!!

    1. I had a skirtain as a child! My mother made it for me from the slate blue curtains she had for her bookcase in college. I liked it quite a lot.

  2. The sad thing about a lot of these old crafting books is the complete lack of color photos (or photos in general). The B&W line drawings just don’t fully convey the true majesty of a home-altered sweatshirt.

  3. One of the women in my parents’ group of boating friends used to make sweatshirt cardigans — I think my mother still has hers. It was decorated with nautical rick-rack — it was dressier than a plain sweatshirt but sturdier than a sweater and you could go ashore in it without looking rough. (In those days, ladies didn’t go around in public in working clothes.)

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