Etiquette for Men

Esquire Etiquette

Esquire Etiquette
The Modern Man’s Guide to Good Form
Waggoner and Moloney

Guys, are you frustrated by etiquette rules? Do you need to look suave for the ladies? This is your guide. This book organizes a bunch of topics into easy to digest 1 or 2 pages of advice.

The advice is pretty decent, but extremely basic. It has all the etiquette standards: thank you notes, introductions, table manners, etc. There is also advice about dating, tipping, picking up the check and even gambling. Although there is some discussion of chores, it really is more about making something look clean. The other part of the advice is to get a cleaning lady.

However, 1987 publication date tells us that there isn’t going be decent advice for the Internet age. Sadly, this is one area that all of us could use some etiquette rules or instructions on decent behavior. It’s now 2020 and I think we could do with complete overhaul on issues of acceptable behavior.


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first date

Answering Machines

love letters

Who pays?


  1. I used to put the news clips from “Night of the Living Dead” as my outgoing message on my answering machine. Ah, I miss the freedom that lack of etiquette implied!

    1. I have an extremely simple memory of my sister, when she was in high school, telling our mother I think, about a person (student or well known adult) whose recording pretended he was the Devil and you had called Hell. She also said that he had to change it as people took to calling him just to hear it.

      A teacher in my early high school days used to have amazing personalized messages on his. The only remembered one is “School is out, so am I!” in the early summer.

  2. Looks like pretty basic stuff. If there was an updated edition or a second volume with internet tips (and mention of LGBT dating), it would be perfect.

    I don’t mind if someone talks to my machine. Or the cat via the machine. But that’s for people you already know well, not new relationships.

  3. Regarding the list of things to not talk about on the first date: I don’t think professional wrestling is an appropriate topic for ANY date! (Unless you’re both big fans – or maybe you’re on a date to a wrestling match?) 🙂

    1. Right? Like, what a weirdly specific thing to put on the list. What if you both really like professional wrestling? What if that’s how you bonded at work and now you are dating?

  4. Depending on what you two want to do later on the date, sex and disease are absolute musts to talk about in some cases!

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