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Animals of Sea and Shore, Air and Airplanes, Weather Experiments
Volume 11

According to submitter, this was just recently weeded from a school library. I picked volume 11 of the multi-volume set.  The others are in similar shape: yellowed and stained. Each volume has three unrelated topics.

I particularly loved the illustration of the jet plane with all the leg room and lounge areas.








  1. That’s what you get for wearing pearls to a picnic.
    But seriously, I do like that the text that age appropriate in syntax and font style. One of my pet peeves is cutesy indecipherable font in children’s books.

  2. Whales are more closely related to cows then sea lions, though most of the rest of it seems factually correct. “You may own and fly a small plane someday” seems weird; couldn’t you grow up fly a big plane someday? I’m surprised that all planes didn’t have radio in them by 1972.

  3. I’d love to fly on a plane with a coat room. I just don’t want to have to pay the undoubtedly ruinous ticket price to do so.

  4. It also has a classification error: sea lions, seals, and walruses are all closer to dogs and bears than they are to whales. Whales are closer to goats and sheep and giraffes than they are to seals.

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