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300 Ways to Serve Eggs cover300 Ways to Serve Eggs: From Appetizers to Zabaglione
Culinary Arts Institute

Submitter: I was eggstatic to find this book sitting on the shelf in our cookbook section. Marvel in the wonders of what egg dishes you could make in 1941. I love how staining on the pages adds to the ambiance of this classic.

Holly: I like a good egg as much as the next gal, but 80 years of egg splatter is a bit much.

(Curious about what zabaglione is? Alton Brown to the rescue!)

300 Eggs introduction

300 Eggs page 39

300 Eggs page 46

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  1. Could be part of a lovely gift set paired with Betty MacDonald’s The Egg and I! (Synopsis: Ill-prepared young woman marries a chicken farmer. Sample chapter title: “I learn to hate even baby chickens.” Featuring early 1900s racism.)

  2. I can imagine the potential hostess in tears when she finds herself unable to use her thumb and forefingers to mold a hard-boiled egg into the shape of a pumpkin. She knows other women can probably do it in their sleep – but not her.

  3. The recipes look rather nice, but as usual black & white photography just does NOT make food look at all appealing. Sadly, it feels like so many cooks of the time looked at those pics and thought that’s what food was supposed to look like.

  4. Zabaglione was pretty “exotic” in 1941, so this was cutting-edge.

    I’ve had an upset stomach all day, and it was starting to settle down till I made the mistake of looking at page 39.

    Page 46 under “Egg Sauce” lists two sauces without eggs.

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