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Submitter: Our Easter Book continues the groovy adventures of Miss Berry the teacher. The book is full of fun activities such as going to a petting zoo, making Easter kites, and playing with bird nests. There are some interesting activities, but the story is not so interesting. I’m thinking that most teachers are not pulling out guitars and asking the kids to do a flower dance. I work at a medium sized library. This groovy dated nonsense doesn’t circulate, and needs to go.

Holly: The cover has seen better days. It’s dirty and has remnants of old-stickers on the spine, and it’s really not worth going through the effort to clean it up. I have to give props to this kind of binding, though. They just don’t make books anymore that stand up over time like this. I’m sure some of the activities are ok, but if it doesn’t circulate then it’s just taking up space unnecessarily. I’d be surprised if someone hasn’t bought another Easter craft book for the collection at some point in the last 39 years. If not, it might be time to examine your collection development policy and your collection budget and re-prioritize some things. Also, this is cataloged as 372.1, not as a picture book. It wasn’t immediately clear to me if this was a story book or an instructional craft book.

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Easter crafts


  1. “I’m thinking that most teachers are not pulling out guitars and asking the kids to do a flower dance.”

    Sounds like my childhood! Actually, that would still go over well in certain parts of rural Oregon (where I work), but I suspect it’s not the thing in the bigger cities nowadays.

    1. Not a dance and maybe not a teacher, but I’ve totally done a fingerplay/activity thingie where the kids start out as a tiny little flower and then grow nice and tall! Or way up high in the apple tree, those kinds of things.

    2. Sounds like my & my little brother’s preschool/kindergarten years in the early & mid-late 1980s. 🙂 From what I’ve read, you’re right — traditional schools now focus on academics from day one, and it’s now only old alternative schools like Montessori & Waldorf that still take that creative or development-centered approach.

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