Dull Food for the Athlete

athlete's cookbook cover

The Athlete’s Cookbook
Easy Recipes and Nutritional Guidelines for Active People
Peterson and Martinsen

This is one of the most boring cookbooks out there. The recipes include such delights as: garden salad (it has an avocado!), two different recipes for tuna casserole (one recipe uses curry powder and the other has black olives), meat loaf, peanut butter sandwich, and wheat germ pancakes. I actually want to meet the person that needs a recipe for a peanut butter sandwich.

There is also very little nutritional information that might actually be helpful. The nutritional guidance is limited to the first page of the sport chapter. Some of this doesn’t even make sense. There really isn’t anything special about the recipes that would make it “sports approved.” I doubt this book made waves in 1980. Weed it and set it on fire in 2020.

Special complaint: this is one of those odd shaped books that I just hate. I also throw oversized books in this category for the most part. This book is paperback and wide rather than tall. It will stick out on a shelf and taunt me when I shelf read.

I am going to make a peanut butter sandwich. Thank God I have a recipe.


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  1. Last night I had peanut butter and honey on toast for a snack. I had no idea I was such a great chef!

  2. The recipes may not be exquisite haute cuisine but the chicken with bacon, etc. and the beef stroganoff would be eaten with alacrity in my house. The first one looks to be absolutely loaded with sodium, however.

  3. I would imagine this was a book aimed towards kids, using recopies from famous athletes to:

    1) sell the book

    2) teach them how to eat better than they were

    3) sell the book

    4) provide nutritional options to the junk food they ate every day

    5) sell the book

    6) show that famous athletes eat correctly

    7) sell the book

  4. Looks to be half food BY the athlete. With scary amounts of salt and fat.

    Definitely a waste of money at the time and completely useless now. Be sure to check local conditions before burning it, however.

    What I’m really curious about is whatever sport the guy on the far left of the cover is supposed to be doing? The 100-yard dash while juggling flaming torches? The look on his face suggests so.

    1. I think he’s playing basket right next to the guy who is skiing on the spine or the far right of the back cover, depending on how thick the book is.

    2. He’s a basketball player; that long thin thing crossing in front of him looks like a golf club. The illustration is dated as heck : all the guys on it whose faces you can see are white males. If published today it would need to include females, black folx and other jocks of color

      1. @FlowCoef, you have me. The runner’s face isn’t visible so I concluded they was male (singular “they”), but could just as well be female. Touché! Still need BIPOC athletes though

  5. Wait, this book is a repository for Roger Staubach’s famous beef stroganoff–if this would help me be a dominant, star quarterback for a decade I’d eat it every other day! That wimp Brady could really be something if he just ate more like Roger!

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