Duck Shack Agreement

duck shack agreement cover

Duck Shack Agreement

Submitter: My husband has the unfortunate habit of dragging home insane books that he gets for free from the library (basically they’ve been “weeded”). Now we finally have a use for them. This is one of our favorites: “The Duck Shack Agreement”. The Ballooney Tunes sweatshirt refers to her booming balloon delivery service.

Holly: What a bizarre title for a romance novel.  Makes you want to light some candles and read, doesn’t it?


duck shack agreement back cover


  1. What a coincidence Smart Bitches Trashy Books recently featured this book in a Caption That Cover contest.

  2. It’s even worse there’s a distinctly duck theme emerging in my summer. They are everywhere! In blogs I read, on the news. My neighbor even has a duck for a pet. I’m getting a little spooked.

  3. I. “Harlequin is romance”
    II. “you can never have too much romance”

    Select the response which most nearly describes the FALSE statements:

    A. None
    B. I only
    C. II only
    D. I and II

  4. Between the title and the cover art, and considering that the Oregon coast is the story’s setting, you can be sure that such a Harlequin is going to be EXTRA HOT!

    *fanning self*

  5. Is the Ballooney Tunes on her shirt really referring to her business or something else?

  6. Okay; They’re two consenting adults, they can do whatever they want. BUT LEAVE THE DUCKS OUT OF IT!

  7. DUCK shack?? Everyone knows Dodo Shacks are the way forward… 😉

    P.S. LOL @ “Ballooneytunes” (guess “balloonacy” was already taken)

  8. It’s the new hit by the B-52’s
    The duck shack is a little old place where we can get together
    Duck shack baby!

  9. Apparently, wearing Balloony Tunes shirts will get you some action, as Brian Tate is definitely trying to cop a feel on that cover.

  10. Jami
    So far just muscle tension, but if it becomes debilitating I’ll send the bill for therapy to ALB. 😉

  11. I’ve only read one romance novel ever: Three Dog Knight. (I liked the title.) In the book, the author talked about the guy’s “manroot”. So I’m wondering what sort of slang turns up in this one… “she made an animal out of his tubular balloon”…

  12. @Marsha – HQ tends to be a “behind closed doors” type of sex. There’s a few steamier ones now adays but the early ones are rather clean. Some people don’t even have the actual sex until they married at the end of the book. As for “manroot” – they don’t tend to use that anymore. They use actual terms or even the more vulgar slang.

    I actually prefer the old purple prose. Having someone using either C-word for private parts makes me feel like I’m reading something written by Ron Jeremy. But most romance readers prefer dirty slang to purple prose.

  13. If that guy’s left hand were six inches higher, that cover would be inappropriate for any library!

  14. Why don’t we do it in the duck shack?! The library stacks would have been cleaner!

  15. This reminds me of a Norwegian comic strip called “Pondus”.
    A teenager is sitting in his room, trying to compose lyrics for his band. He gets as far as “I knew I was out of luck / when she wouldn’t give me a…” when his mother comes storming into the room shouting “DUCK!” as an appropriate rhyming word.
    He looks up at her, a bit confused, thinks for a bit, then says, “Cool! Absurd and weird, but somehow cool.”

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