Drugs are very bad

Drugs and Domestic Violence coverDrugs and Domestic Violence

Direct from the teen nonfiction collection: another book examining another social ill. These series are everywhere and probably used by students to write that report about how “drugs are bad”. Obviously the facts are out of date and this series just looks old fashioned. I have noticed a decrease in the last few years of students asking about the “drugs are bad” reports. I also noticed that these books have not been circulating either. The only chuckle for me on these books are the photos used to illustrate. They remind me of a more modern version of the classic filmstrip used in my high school  health class. (Yes, I am that old.) Maybe the “drugs are bad” message is fading as a school assignment? Regardless it is outdated and it has low circulation.

Just Say NO to old drug books,


Drug use sexual abuse

withdrawl symptoms

stealing to support habit


  1. cover: brandon! no no mommy’s makeup! let me see your hands. ok now open up your mouth – spit out my false eyelashes!

  2. Someone must have tricked this person into looking into one of those prank telescopes. A little late for April Fool’s Day, aren’t we? 🙂

  3. In my corner of the world, it’s “write a paper on a current issue, and it can’t be abortion, gun control, or legalizing pot.” Because instructors are sick to death of those!

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