Drug Guide for Parents

parents guide to drugs

The Parents’ Guide to Drugs

This book is a pretty non judgmental handbook about the drugs and culture surrounding them. There are lots of resources in the pages, and most of them are defunct. Unlike a lot of the drug books of that time, it is presented as more matter of fact about definitions, slang, how to identify drugs, treatment options, and community action. For the time, it was a good selection for a public library. Now, it is just an artifact of the old days. I did love the vocabulary list and some of the phrases I remember as a teen.


back cover inside flap/ author bio drug vocabulary 1970s


  1. Weed it. Some of the drugs being used/misused today weren’t even invented when it was written.

  2. I agree that this would have been great for its day. However like all medical texts, those about drugs need to be updated frequently. One of the biggest items in today’s drug education is Naloxone (Narcan), which was not distributed as widely back then as it is today.

  3. I can’t help but hear Jack Webb reading those definitions in his deadpan voice on the color episodes of Dragnet. My mother still calls marijuana “Mary Jane” and if we titter she says, “Jack Webb called it that on Dragnet!”

  4. Quaint definitions. The one for Head is pretty strained and overwrought. And even back then, I doubt that a dime bag would be half an ounce.

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