Drinking with your baby

fetal alcohol syndrome book cover

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

This is just another example of a dated teen nonfiction choice.  (My personal hot button for collection awfulness….seriously, does anyone weed teen nonfiction?)  The information is outdated of course.  The book was also more about admonishing people to not drink while pregnant rather than actually discussing FAS. This book was probably published to flush out this set of nonfiction.  Mostly boring.  I wasn’t sure the picture below was actually a girl AND pregnant.  Evidently you also need a cigarette when you are pregnant and drinking.


pregnant woman drinking

  1. Is that how we teens looked in 1996? I was 16 then and I sure hope not. Good lord, with those unflattering outfits! Overkill.

  2. Gotta love how the beer on the cover is Pete’s Wicked Ale. Is that (wicked) supposed to be a subliminal message? Also, besides the cigarette, they are both pouring the beer from a bottle into a glass. Am I the only one uncouth enough to drink beer directly from the bottle? At least this book is balanced to show that both married and unmarried preggies get their fetuses drunk. What’s with the garbage bag in the back of the second picture? Is she spending so much money on beer and cigs that she cannot purchase a simple plastic garbage can?

    All kidding aside, I did work with a woman with FAS back in my social work days, and she led a very difficult life. What made it even sadder was she somehow got all the booze and her twin sister didn’t, so it was plain what her life could have been without FAS.

  3. This cover format looks familiar… Is this another series we’ve seen others from?

    @Laura: Sad to hear that. Social work still = heroism

  4. FASD is a grim matter. 🙁 Long unweeded teen non-fiction collections are also pretty heartrending.

  5. I remember drinking Pete’s when I was in Maine in 1999. I couldn’t find it outside of New England (at least around here) until 2006. I imagine it was far less common outside of New England back in 1996. Is that choice of beer on the cover a jab at the lifestyle of the New Englander? I know they’re a hard-drinking lot, but is the author implying they’re so bad that they can’t even control their drinking when pregnant (compared to other regions)?

  6. And it’s especially bad when you consider they could’ve gone with using Bud or Coors. Think about it, they’re staging these photos, so why go buy an expensive beer when it’s just going to be thrown out? And why hunt down an obscure, expensive bottle when a more recognizable bottle could’ve been had for less?

  7. The photographer may well be polishing that off after the shoot, so he picked something he/she liked?

  8. oooh, flashback. I remember this total skank in college who got knocked up and was proving that she’d definitely be Jerry Springer material in the future. Last time I saw her, many moons ago, she was in the packed college bar, swigging beer out of the pitcher and a Choose Beer t-shirt stretched over the 7month belly. wtf?

    And I felt bad cause I had a sip of champagne and a sip of beer while I was pregnant.