Dragnet Training Manual

LA Police trainingDaily Training Bulletin of the Los Angeles Police Department
Consisting of Bulletins 1-173
1963, 3rd ed.

Submitter: Though this looks very serious and important on the title page, turns out the LAPD had quite the sense of humor back in the day, based on the cartoon illustrations! Obviously, policing has changed a LOT since the 1950s, and perhaps LA is no longer a “gay, mad whirl of cocktail parties, lilting music”… etc. And police probably don’t do much to assist tourists these days, either. My college no longer has a Criminal Justice or similar program, so lots of ancient policing books had to be weeded.

Holly: The LA Police Department in the 1960s was a hot mess. Perhaps their training should have been less humorous and more serious.

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  1. OK, that last cartoon still isn’t a bad description. But this precedes Disneyland (which is outwith the LAPD’s jurisdiction anyway).

    This was completely out of date just a few years later, inapplicable outside the area, and problematic AF at the time.

    The cartoon style and simplistic writing reinforces the fact that they weren’t hiring the best and the brightest, doesn’t it? The “Welcomettes” sound better-trained and more useful.

  2. There is something about training books for ultraserious things (a USAF instruction to pilots my grand father had) that attract unbelievably unprofessional artwork and graphics. It *has* to be possible to include illustrations, diagrams, so forth for these kinds of subjects that are interesting and illustrative without being buffoonish. And WH Parker got the new police building named after him, the one that Friday and Gannon worked out of in 1967 and later.

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