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How to be a Disc JockeyHow to Be a Disc Jockey

Submitter: I was browsing in our adult oversize nonfiction shelves for some movie books last week, when I stumbled across this gem!  To be fair, 90% of that collection should be weeded, so it’s not that hard to find an Awful Library Book, but this one is especially humorous.  The cover alone kept us laughing for a long time!

The discussion of various lighting equipment and effects cracked me up, with it’s emphasis on disco-era musts like infinity panels, mirror balls, and dance floor lighting modules.  But my favorite page was 42, where the author comments that “video has always been slow to catch on in discos.”

Apparently, the author briefly had a Twitter feed last summer, in which he states that he is working on a rewrite…http://twitter.com/DJDavidSee.

Holly: Outta sight! (And out of mind…)

night club

video and projectors


  1. At least vinyl is still alive and going strong in DJ communities.

    From a library-assistant/vinyl junkie

  2. “Infinity panels” are sewn into the seat of the polyester pants now worn by former disco enthusiasts.

  3. Dr. Johnnie Fever hates Disco Music. Only Johnnie’s television alter ego Rip Tide would endorse this.

    1. Because Disco RULES, rap drools!

      Sorry, but I LOOOOOOOVE DISCO!

      o/` Oh not I! I will survive! Oh as long as I know how to love I know I will survive!” o/`

      1. Oops – o/` As long as I know how to love I know I’ll stay alive! o/`

        Really got to not post while tired.

        I don’t get why the hate for disco. A lot of the songs are awesome. There’s none of the hate and nastiness you get in today’s popular “music.” And since there wasn’t any voice correction software like there is now people had to actually been able to sing to be able to do it.

        The only logical reason I heard for hating it was from a musician who used to be popular in clubs and stuff until disco came along. Then he couldn’t get as many gigs because everyone wanted the pre-recorded stuff to dance to rather then a live musician who wouldn’t play exactly the same every single time.

      2. I started college in 1976, so I was just the right age for disco fever. Yes, there are a lot of great 70s songs still on my playlist. (Not all disco, but some are.) However, just listen once to Elton John and Kiki Dee’s duet on “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” and you’ll understand why a lot of us were glad to see disco fade.

      3. I have heard that song and while I’m not an Elton fan, I think the song itself is good.

        Anything beats “Hit Me Baby One More Time” or just about anything “sung” by Miley Cyrus anyway.

  4. Love the shirt! Just love it. Man, you can just smell the polyester, and accompanying body sweat, which is why I HATE polyester!!!

  5. forwarded this to a dj of one of my favorite radio shows (downtown soulville, on wfmu, which streams, too).

    he replied: “See’s book is a bible for a lot of us.”

    so — maybe don’t weed it til the new edition comes out?

  6. ummmmmm…. this, per the DJ i quoted, above, when i told him i would have to relay that info here:


    [what can i say… i am way too gullible.]

  7. The Michael Jackson album Off The Wall is ready and waiting to be played inside the DJ booth, pretty happening…this would sell at a book sale for sure,almost right away,since disco is still playing somewhere.

  8. Maybe it’s just the placement on the picture, but in the second picture on the far right … it looks like they just photoshopped a black guy into the crowd. Or maybe a young OJ was really “Stayin’ Alive”?

  9. @jamisings: The reason for the backlash against disco music is because rock music is predominantly a white, heterosexual male field, and the breakout stars of disco tended to be females, homosexuals, and non-white.

    (And I just love the irony that you’re wondering why people don’t like disco and you follow it up with how much you dislike rap and Miley Cyrus.)

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