Doughnuts made me do it!

Diet Crime and Delinquency coverDiet, Crime, and Delinquency

From the back of the book: “…demonstrates how ‘junk’ food diets, sugar starvation, vitamin deficiencies, lead pollution and food allergies can convert a normal brain into a criminal mind.”

I love the picture on the cover.  “Gimme your doughnuts, punk!”

This is available in public libraries all over the country.  I have to know, from any library that owns it, what are the circ stats?


Jerry's story

Removign sugar reduces disciplinary problems


  1. Probably a hot topic at the time, being only a few years after the famous “Twinkie Defense” in the murder of Harvey Milk.

  2. Our copy (no, I’m not kidding) is in QP144. The science nutrition rather than the home ec nutrition.

  3. Ridiculous pseudo-science aside, the author can’t spell (“distructive behavior”?) or use a comma.

  4. Maybe those doughnuts on the cover were stale. I don’t blame him for getting a little psycho.

  5. HAH! I’ll forgive you for not blacking out (; (: today because this is just hilarious and a definite weeder. I question if it should have been acquired to begin with, since it was probably always weed-worthy.

  6. Surprisingly, my library does not own this. If we had, it would probably be in the health section – 611. Just sayin’…

  7. When you’re a jet, you’re a jet all the way, from your first cigarette to your last….complex carbohydrate

  8. What happened to Jerry!!??? Was he miraculously saved by dropping doughnuts from his diet? I must know!!!

  9. ‘Distructive’ – is that how you spell ‘destructive’ in ‘merica?

    I’m surprised those prisoners didn’t RIOT the day they arrived in the canteen and found no pastries or Kool Ade allowed any more… Breach of Human Rights, or what?

  10. It all reminds me of the great lyric by the incomparable Crystal Gale: “Donuts make my brown eyes blue….”

    … what do you mean, that’s not how it goes?!

  11. I found out a few years ago that the juvenile hall in my county gives each kid a diet soda on their birthday rather than a cake, and their diet is is low carb depending on their weight and health.

  12. actually their statement shown above is true
    “From the back of the book: “…demonstrates how ‘junk’ food diets, sugar starvation, vitamin deficiencies, lead pollution and food allergies can convert a normal brain into a criminal mind.”

    sugar consumption affects the entire HPA Axis and not just cortisol; it also affects the liver and at the “molecular’ level… our biochemistry and Metabolic Enzyme Pathways rely on all the vitamins and minerals (including ALL the B vitamins) to perform their jobs (= health).
    INCLUDING SULFATION and the rest of the Methylation “cycle” (all 5+ paths)

    Sugar consumption uses up our B vitamins and Magnesium especially.

    Poorly working “Metabolic Enzyme Pathways” means increasing Oxidative Stress and ROS etc;;
    bad for BRAIN

    bad for brain means bad for our mind including behavior, mood, intellect, memory and “Stress handling” (back to the HPA Axis and limbic system )

    stress increases stress thanks to the “Standard American Diet” which is killing us. GOOD FATS are good, good grass fed meats are good .

    Oh and you need your Sulfation pathway working if you want to keep making Testosterone and Estrogens in ALL our body cells.. INTRAcrinology.
    AND if you want your BRAIN (and entire Central Nervous System) working properly.

    too bad our “Practicing” doctors are not spending any of their weekends learning all this 30 YEAR OLD *SCIENCE. Big Pharm has “pwned” the Medical Schools for Decades -and many medical school Instructors work for Big Pharm COs . conflict of (ethics) much???

  13. Some schools are experimenting with this now, using reduced carbs, more whole grains, and a better diet overall. They say it really works, discipline-wise.

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