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easy vests cover

Easy Reversible Vests

If you look back on the books we have posted about sewing and knitting, vests seem to be the fashion accessory. I honestly don’t get it. I love quilts and quilting, I just don’t want to wear one. The only person I can think of that pulled off the vest look was Diane Keaton in Annie Hall.

And yet I bring you another vest book. This time you will really get your money’s worth with the whole reversible thing. If they were actual quilts instead of a “fashion statement” I would be all over the color choices and techniques. I think I am going to say that the quilted vest needs to be retired as a concept. (Right next to the fancy sweatshirts.) Make a lovely quilt for the guest room instead.


back cover of easy vests

colorful vests

reversible vests





  1. Maybe vests are common because they’re easier to make since they don’t have sleeves.

  2. My mother had a collection of vests of astounding variety in the late 90s.
    She also was a master at any kind of sewing and made many of her own (and my) clothes. And even slipcovers.

    And yet she wouldn’t have been caught dead doing this. I can practically hear her saying “Those are so tacky” and laughing at this book.

    (Mom thought quilting was too tedious for the result, and could knit in her sleep but detested crochet.)

  3. I’m thinking these would be great for a Doctor Who outfit. Or Chrestomanci, though he’d probably want the whole waistcoat to have a coherent pattern.

    1. They’d clash with the 4th Doctor’s scarf something scary.

      Yes, Mom knitted me a 4th Doctor scarf, and swore “Never again”, with many dark looks at me. The next thing I got from her was a tasteful green sweater.

      1. My mother knit (or crochet, not sure) a 4th Doctor afghan that I still have and sleep under when cold. Took ages but I am so happy.

  4. Image#2!!!! The pattern was named “Red hot strippers” lol. Strippers wearing quilted vests will now fuel my nightmares.

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