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I really don’t know what to say. I can’t tell if the this title was really a joke or trying to be provocative. I guess it works either way. The text is an academic study of addiction. I will say this is the first time I have seen the word “square” used as a mild pejorative rather than a polygon with four equal sides in academic writing. And while we are on this topic, wasn’t “square” used more in the early to mid 1960s? (Baby Boomers, please weigh in on this!)

According to WorldCat, this title is mostly found in academic libraries, which is appropriate for this kind of material. There were a couple of public libraries that had holdings, but maybe Waldorf’ or one of his relatives is a regular patron.

Anyway, don’t be a square! Open your mind to some serious collection development today.


Careers in Dope contents

Careers in Dope contents

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  1. I despise people who use a radical (“square root sign”) in place of a checkmark. To me it just says the typesetter was too lazy to fish out the right type element, or too lazy to learn the difference. Or the printer was too cheap to have that type element.

  2. What a winner! I think the “squareness” of the author reflects the use of “square” in 1973. I think someone published a dissertation, on a rather poorly chosen topic.

  3. This is actually a relatively important (in its time) ethnographic study of addiction. It was part of line of studies in the sociology of deviance, and also in the emerging medical anthopology arena. The concept of “career” in the sociological sense means that you can identify a relatively standard set of stages (of use, in this case) and transitions between them. It’s definitely a legitimate academic book, and a larger public library might still find some interested readers.

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