Doobie Books in Kiddie Land

drug abuse cover

A Look at Drug Abuse
Forrai and Anders

Submitter: Wow, you can abuse drugs too! So typical of the late 70’s classics…This was put into our book drop as a donation. How current!

Holly: This book is cataloged for a “juvenile audience.”  It might not be the wisest idea to have books in the children’s department that show men smoking a doobie on the cover.  


cocktail party




  1. Why is this “Uncategorized” ? Shouldn’t it be “Weeding” ?

    Also, is this drug abuse by minors or by businessmen (re. the last photo)?

  2. Of course this should be under weeding… now fixed! As for the last picture, I was thinking swingers party…

  3. There are plaid shorts that look just like those pants that are apparently in style right now.

  4. Sorry, I left out the accompanying text on the opposite page of the pictures. It didn’t fit nicely in the post. I believe the last picture said something about why people enjoy drinking and smoking and such in social settings. Nothing earth shattering. The picture was way more interesting! Very 70’s decor. Too bad it’s so dark, though.

  5. Yeah, Holly, what would make the decor just perfect would be some hanging plants in macrame holders.

  6. I’m sure all those swinging seventies hipsters put their keys in a bowl as they came into the house. Now put K.C. & the Sunshine Band on the hi-fi and get ready to change partners!

  7. The drug books in my library went out, and I figured that the students were getting good messages about the dangers of drugs. WRONG. They were checking them out to laugh at the pictures, which were horrendous. Weeded a huge amount of them.

  8. There’s an attempt to make the Guinness World record for most unattractive swingers party in the last photo there.

  9. Just tell the kids “You know that guy on the cover with the awesome looking mustache? Thats a woman!”

  10. I think that pharmacist was on the 2010 Norwegian Olympic curling team. Or at least his pants were.

    1. Oh my gosh, I SWEAR that little box unchecks itself! It is absolutely TAUNTING us!! Fixed.