Don’t Surrender to Snack Attacks!

snack attack cover

How to Survive Snack Attacks…Naturally
Zucker and Zucker

Drop that chocolate chip cookie! Try carob instead. The twin authors are all about promoting the no sugar, no refined flour, no salt and evidently no fun lifestyle. The girls also demonstrate some activities such as tennis, biking and evidently some yoga headstands. I looked through the recipes and found very few that would entice me away from Doritos with a chocolate chaser.


snack attacks back cover

snack attack authors


recipe for soynet cheese balls


twins playing tennis

twins doing a headstand



  1. Dr. Paavo Airola(referenced on the cover)has a page on, and apparently died of a stroke in 1983 at age 64.

    1. Because it is mixed with twice the volume of sugar, and sometimes three times the volume. And it has caffeine–which makes it even better in my book!

    2. Because it’s EVIL! Quick, give me all of yours before it’s too late!
      Really, no idea. Obviously, not a great idea to eat too much, but even water is harmful if you overdo it.

  2. It would be interesting to follow up with them nearly 40 years on, to see if they’re still practicing what they preached… and if they updated their wardrobes.

    1. I watched the first interview video on their website. It’s worth watching. They even mention this book – their first – written when they were 16. And now they are blonde.

    2. Good for them! Their website answers my earlier questions… though it needs to be made mobile-friendly.

    3. Yes, but does their new book include the Soynut Cheese Balls? Admittedly, the recipe doesn’t sound AWFUL, but it doesn’t sound like something that would entice me away from a Ferrero Rocher either.

  3. Carob is for dogs because real chocolate can kill them. I’m pretty sure carob can kill humans. Or just make us wish we were dead. I guess I can’t disagree with the fact we need to be active, but I could never stand on my head even as a kid. Walking is much easier and better.

  4. If by some miracle those cheese balls were actually tasty, 3 oz of cream cheese cannot make 8 servings of anything.

  5. The girls are from Beverly Hills, which I don’t find surprising. I have to be weary of anything that says “you may not want to try this.”

  6. On the plus side, these young women look healthy — not fat, but not sickly thin, either — and aren’t posing like their next photo-shoot would be for Hustler. When I compare them to, say, the Olsen Twins, I feel like handing the latter a double dose of cream-cheese-and-kelp balls.

  7. When I first glanced at the title of this I thought it read “How to survive snake attacks”.
    Which could’ve actually been interesting.
    Kelp and cheese balls aren’t.

  8. These recipes really bring remind me of the health foods of my youth! Carob, soynuts, and dense no-cook lumps of raw ingredients. Sometimes I even get nostalgic cravings for carob. I don’t remember baking powder being one of the villains though, as implied on the back cover here…

  9. I think kelp could probably be pretty tasty when incorporated into some kind of Japanese inspired dish. But not in cream cheese balls. Just nope.

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